Global Gift

About Global Gift

The Global Gift Foundation, established in 2013 by Maria Bravo and Alina Peralta, is a nonprofit organization focused on making a positive impact on the lives of children, women and families, by bringing together fiscally responsible organizations, resources, celebrities, people of influence and synchronistic brands to have a transformative global impact.

To affect positive change on the development, welfare, healthcare and social inclusion of the most vulnerable. The Foundation helps to provide shelter, food, clothing, education, medical attention and other life-changing necessities to vulnerable groups, in particular children and women in need.

Funds received by Global Gift Foundation go directly to support other foundations dedicated to benefitting the lives of women and children, whether for causes such as health-related illnesses, education or human rights. The Global Gift Foundation administers funds to partner charities and in particular, celebrates the work of small or unrecognized organizations through “Our Heroes” awards. These awards are given to organizations that can benefit from the strength of the Global Gift brand through donations, awareness raising and publicity generation. The Global Gift Foundation also is in the process of carrying out its own philanthropic project in collaboration with ONE Children’s Foundation and the Alejandro Cavit Orphanage in Tijuana Mexico. You can read about this project here.

The Global Gift Foundation is an established foundation registered in the National Register of Foundations in Spain, with foundation registered number G93264265. Our United States affiliate charitable
organization, Global Gift Foundation, is currently in the process of applying
for its 501(c)(3) tax exempt status.