Fundación Mensajeros de la Paz

Fundación Mensajeros de la Paz




Fundación Mensajeros de la Paz with tax no. G82040684 and legal address Ribera de Curtidores nº 2 28005 Madrid.

Telephone: 913645112

Email: [email protected]


Founded in 1998 and inscribed in the Foundation Registry with number 28/1089.
Legal representative: Ángel García Rodríguez.

Se han donado 10.000€.



Social Kitchen & Solidarity Food Bank

The center features a social kitchen that serves lunch to 155 people, 7 days a week with a complete menu, serving first and second course and dessert. The menus offered are healthy and balanced and adapted to the needs of people, respecting dietery requirements.

The solidarity bank serves 400 people with non-perishable food, hygiene and cleaning products as well as occasional payments of utility bills. This basket is picked up once a month. In this center there is a lot of demand for baby products, so milk, porridge, baby food and diapers are also distributed.

In the afternoons we have school support with the children twice a week, the other days, socio-educational workshops & leisure activities are organized outside the center.
At the end of the school year a summer camp outside Madrid was enjoyed by the children.



Both the social dining room and the solidarity food bank are attended by people who have been seriously affected by the crisis. Many of them have lost their jobs and have become unemployed long-term. There is also a high percentage of immigrants coming from Morocco, Dominican Republic, Nigeria, Syria, Ecuador and Egypt.
Children attending school support and leisure activities are between 5 and 12 years old and many are at risk of social exclusion.


155 people benefit every day of the week (including weekends) from the Social Kitchen and about 400 people per month get support from the Food Bank.