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The Global Gift House is a center created for children with disabilities and / or rare diseases. Its main objective is to offer a rehabilitation space and therapies based on fun, integration and friendship.

Thanks to your collaboration, Casa Global Gift can open its to all children with special needs, offering them love, fun, bespoke rehabilitation, integration and attention with a real and lasting commitment to achieve optimum development for each child.

The Global Gift Foundation, associations, professionals and families will continue to work so that comprehensive attention to these children is a priority.


What does being a member of the GLOBAL GIFT FOUNDATION mean?

Thanks to the commitment of people and companies that support us, Global Gift Home can continue to develop the activities that are necessary for the attention of these children. Your contribution is used, in a direct way, to cover the running costs of having a child disability center open with the best innovative equipment to meet the needs of children in the area.

In addition, being a member carries some tax benefits. At the end of this page you can find more information.


The Global Gift Home is one of the main projects of the Global Gift Foundation. The idea was born out of the desire to cover the specific needs of children with disabilities and / or rare diseases in the city of Marbella. These children are covered by Social Security, however, this does not cover all their specific needs, creating a lack of specialized and continuous attention that promotes their development. The Global Gif Home aims to cover some of those needs in an integral way through the installation of a centre giving attention to children with disabilities and rare diseases, by developing rehabilitation therapies for their proper development and improvement of their well-being and that of their family .

The Global Gift Home will offer a space with facilities equipped with the ultimate innovations for 5 Marbella based Charities that have extensive experience in the care of different pathologies in children. Until now, these associations have lacked their own centre where they can offer therapies to their users, having to go to private centres bearing the high costs and often having to travel far several times a week to go to other organizations that offer the services they need.

The associations within the Global Gift Home are:

  • ADAHIMAR of ADHD (hyperactivity) and / or maturational delay.
  • Association Bubbles and Dreams (Association Bubbles and Dreams (children with rare diseases: Kabuki syndrome, mastocytosis, progressive spastic tetraparesis, genetic deletion on chromosome 7, bilateral hydronephrosis, mitochondrial disease, pituitary deficit).
  • CADI Association (Cerebral Palsy, Down Syndrome, Autism, Spina Bifida, Intellectual Disability, Madurative or Development Delay, Crystal Bones).
  • ADISOL Association (children with diabetes).
  • Cystic Fibrosis Association.

The Global Gift Home will be facilitating the space and material equipment needed to carry out the therapies that these associations need, depending on each persons specific pathology, without incurring high costs for the families and minors involved.

What does the GLOBAL GIFT HOME have?
The centre will offer different areas in which to develop therapies and activities, combining basic and essential therapies with the most innovative and yet deficient in our country. Having all these activities take place in the same space will allow for optimum coordination between professionals, which in turn will mean greater progress in the development of each child.


  • Physiotherapy. In this treatment room motor skills will be worked on which of detrimental importance in the development of independence. Through the use of different materials, children develop motility throughout the body which alleviates the difficulties associated with the disability. Promoting movement and physical exercise also improves lung and respiratory capacity.
  • Sensory Integration. In this room, children work the gross motor skills, the vestibular system and the proprioceptive system continuously improving and learning movements that promote autonomy. This room will be innovative in our region and will inspected and supported by specialist professionals and experts in sensory integration as well as development therapy.
  • Speech Therapy. In this room, therapies will be offered that work on prevention, evaluation and therapeutic intervention in all disorders that affect voice, speech, language and swallowing.
  • Psychological Care. Here we will offer diagnosis, evaluation and improvement of psychological development in children with disabilities and / or illness. At the same time, we will assist parents to improve acceptance and development techniques with their children.
  • Cooking. We will offer workshops and therapies with food. It is demonstrated that this type of activity improves fine motor skills and promotes healthy & creative eating in a fun way. Parents will also use this space for cookery workshops to learn how to prepare specific foods adapted to the needs of each child as a complement to the therapies they are receiving. 
  • Cognitive Training. Here we will conduct neurofeedback workshops. This is neurobehavioral treatment aimed at the development of self-control over certain patterns of brain activity and the application of these skills in the activities of daily life. 
  • Multipurpose Room. Multipurpose room, in order to organize lectures, conferences, seminars and other training for parents or professionals related to disability and rare diseases as well as boosting the knowledge that affects these users.
  • Hydrotherapy. Hydrotherapy is a form of physiotherapy and serves for the treatment of various diseases and disorders by stimulating the immune system, producing muscle relief, reducing stress and facilitate breathing.
  • Conference Room. Conference room, where we will impart lectures, conferences, seminars and other training for parents or professionals related to disabilities and rare diseases as well as boosting and sharing knowledge & information that affects our patients.
  • Cystic Fibrosis Unit. We will have an Attention Unit for those affected by cystic fibrosis equipped with the latest innovative equipment & materials to help in the prevention of infections that affect Cystic Fibrosis sufferers such as: copper. Copper is a material with antimicrobial properties that eliminates up to 99% of bacterias that come in contact with its surface. 80% of the infections that affect these users are transmitted by contact, so with the installation of copper panels we will be able to avoid a high percentage of infection among those affected in order to carry out the necessary therapies to improve their health status.
  • Exteriors. Exterior areas where we will encourage physical activity, play and sports. In addition, children can participate in the cultivation and maintenance of several organic allotments. These type of activities are considered therapeutic because of their participation & contact with nature. This in turn will improve their physical, mental and emotional health of these children as well as reduce their stress & anxiety levels by encouraging their integration with the natural environment.

In addition, being a member carries some tax benefits.

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